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Chale Island is a small romantic island situated 600 meters off the mainland. 10 km south of Diani, 1,2 km long and 0,8 km wide, with a general north/south orientation.

The Island is divided into two parts; resort and sacred forest or “kaya”. The resort lies in 15 acres of indigenous ancient forest, with a stunning 10,000 square meter white sand bay which is protected by a vibrant coral reef.

With an explosion of colourful flora and fauna the island is truly magical and if that is not enough, also features a mystical inland Tidal mangrove lake.


Kenya’s beaches rank in the top ten worldwide and Chale Island’s coral sand bay counts as one of the best that Kenya has to offer.


There are three swimming pools on Chale Island. Beside the reception is the main fresh water swimming pool, built with local stone and connected by a small waterfall..


28 Bandas (swahili: small house)
Our Bandas offer a unique and truly coastal holiday. All Bandas have high, palm thatch roofs with views


Not only a honeymooners dream, everyone’s dream! Situated on a separate islet connected to the main Island by a stone bridge, ..


A blend of traditional Kenyan cuisine with a healthy twist of Italian panache and a hint of the Orient ensure that each meal is an event to be looked forwards to and enjoyed.


Nestled between the Reception and the Restaurant is the Main Bar. Always open, our friendly staff are at hand to serve espressos, cold drinks, cocktails and a wide variety of wines and spirits.


Unlike most other island destinations, Chale Island has something to offer everyone. Normal island activities available include a magical SPA..


The “Maisha Poa” (Swahili: good life) Spa and wellness center is built over the heart of the Island where the energies of the ancient mangroves, the Tidal lake..


Two small but well stocked boutiques offer a wide selection of clothing, souvenirs, African art, jewellery, swimwear and toiletries

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